Sustainability Policy
To encourage environmentally conscious community, AKUFAB is committed to environmentally sound practices by focusing on the reduction of noise, waste and the use of recyclable or recycled materials..

Continuous Learning:
We strongly believe learning never stops and with times new and better ways are born.

Our mission is to improve sound quality for the betterment of healthy living and environment.

Better Sound, Better Life.

Applications of AKUFAB

No one rejects dislikes or avoids pleasure itself because it is pleasure, but because those who do not know how to pursue pleasure rationally encounter consequences that are extremely painful.

Laminate & Vinyl


AKUFAB system components are all made in The United States and all with Class A Reaction to Fire. However, the system as complete assembly has got 0 (that is zero) Flame Spread and Smoke Development Indexes.

AKUFAB is a Stretch Fabric Acoustic Panel System is simple, elegant  and effective way to reduce or prevent reverberation in a room or hall.

AKUFAB is supplied either in form of ready-to-install boards using standard hanging or installation accessories such as Z-Clip or in components for direct installation on drywalls. Stretch Fabric Acoustic Panels can be made in any shape, rectangular, triangular, square, hexagon,…….etc. The connection shape between one panel and the next is determined by the shape of tracks selected.

AKUFAB Stretch Fabric Acoustic Panel system simply consists of a substrate ( MDF, Plywood, Gypsum Board,….etc), perimeter track fixed by either staples or glue to the substrate, special acoustic core laid on the substrate within the perimeter track and finally the special sound transparent acoustic fabric stretched on the surface and tucked in the perimeter track. When needed, a Mid-Rail track can be added.

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