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AKUFAB range of products may cover any sound absorption requirement

Easy to install
Zero Flame Spread & Smoke Development Indexes

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There are many fabric acoustic panel products out there but do they all perform the same way? Certainly not. Make sure your product lives up to its claim.

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Design Development

In AKUFAB we keep learning about new possibilities and new product design. the R&D team keeps experimenting with new designs and configurations in order to expand the portfolio presenting newly developed additions.

Purchasing & Consultation

We at AKUFAB are on constant alert to timely respond to customers' queries and requests.
Our team can assist with technical and design needs.


Manufacturing & Assembly

AKUFAB systems are easily installed in workshops or on situ.
Our systems can be pre-assembled in our workshop and supplied ready to install as panels or they can be supplied in components for customers to either assemble in their workshops or directly on their project site


It is not possible in some geographical areas for us to install.
However, installations of AKUFAB systems and product can be so easy that anyone can do it.

Concept Application

Most products can be customized and modified for different applications.
Don't hesitate to share with us you design intention should you need us to modify a product for your application.

Product Testing & Evaluation

We are always open to new requirements and ideas.
We are welling to test and evaluate a product that is not a standard product in our range but needed for a particular design purpose.

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